Top 5 Travel Gadgets: Stay smart on the go!

This article was published in Calgary business magazine Boom.

Top 5 Travel Gadgets: Stay smart on the go!

Traveling shouldn’t mean that you have to leave the convenience and efficiency that your technology provides behind. And for that, I’m grateful to the inventors of these jewels in travel tech I’ve reviewed over the years.

I’ve got to admit, I have my favorites; these are the ones I love carry with me on the different trips I take — from business, to camping, globetrotting, and more.

Here are my top 5 travel gadgets that are here to stay…

Best travel gadgets: STM Backpack

I carry gadgets with me everywhere. I love keeping them organized in a convenient case, but I also want to make sure it doesn’t cramp my personal style. The STM Backpack does this beautifully. It is chic, spacious, water repellent (your laptop will thank you), and has dozens of useful zippers and pockets for tech of all different sizes. Plus the handy cord and accessory folio (above) is super handy to keep your bits and pieces organized.

Best travel gadgets: Skyroam Solis Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot with GoData

When you’re in an unfamiliar place, you need to have data to allow you to navigate with Google Maps or Waze, consult Google for nearby hotels and restaurants, and look up historic sites without the unnecessary data charges. Now you don’t need to rely on your cell phone carrier. Instead use Skyroam Solis GoData. Best of all, it’s a significant saver when compared to paying for roaming on my phone (as low as a quarter of the cost). If you are travelling with friends and family, don’t fret! You can have up to 5 devices connected to one hotspot.

Since it covers 130 countries, this is a great boost for international travelers. Read the full review here (and get our Promo Code to save money on it too!)

Best travel gadgets: Fixd Car Sensor

While I reviewed Fixd Automotive Car Sensor  thinking it would be useful when shopping and testing a used car, I now know that it is super helpful for road trip aficionados. When you are spending long hours taking back roads and there are miles upon miles between rest stops or mechanics this gadget can help to monitor what is going on in your car, and tell you exactly what a warning light means, so you can determine if issues are urgent. All the diagnostic results are sent to your phone, so it just sends you the information you need – no decoding required.

Best travel gadgets: Skross Travel Adapters

This one might seem pretty basic, but if you are doing any international travel, you really don’t want travel adapters to be left off your packing list. The Skyross Travel Adapters adapt to 220 countries, and can even connect to powerful devices like the MacBook Pro. Even though it doesn’t convert voltage, I personally prefer the Skyross Pro World & USB because it is suitable for equipment with unearthed and earthed plugs. You can read the full details here.

Best travel gadgets: Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Revie

Whether you’re in a hotel room or rushing to an early morning meeting before the café is open, you don’t have to forego your morning espresso. The Nanopresso portable espresso gadget doesn’t need to be plugged in (though it does need hot water), and you can pump the perfect espresso into the (included) portable cup. If you like your espresso pods or double shot, you can buy add-ons to make the perfect cup.